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This is the current and most complete listing of all the different brands and variations of embossed medicinal tonic bottles that are known to me.  There are inevitably lots more medicinal tonics out there of course, but this is what I've compiled to date (12/2013) - over 420 now!  The list also includes another tonic collectors list which goes back many more years than mine - my thanks to Bill Knepp for generously sharing with me. 

This listing is of medicinal bottles with the word "Tonic" embossed in the glass.  This list does not include hair tonics, just medicinal tonics that were intended to be taken internally.  (Someone else can do - as has I think - hair tonics!)   I am only interested in "true" tonics, i.e. where the product is clearly a tonic, not a medicinal with tonic attributes.  I know it's a fine line here, but I would be interested in a "Dr. Wonser's Blood Tonic" or "Dr. Wonser's Fever & Ague Tonic", possibly a "Dr. Wonser's Tonic Elixir", but not in a "Dr. Wonser's Tonic Bitters" or "Dr. Wonser's Tonic Vermifuge.  (I wish all these bottles existed, but they don't - just made up examples.)  The list does include a couple "tonic bitters" and a few other bottles where tonic is not the obvious product, though I am not necessarily seeking out such things.

If you know of any additional medicinal tonics that I don’t have listed yet - or color variations of those that are listed - I would appreciate the information you have about it.  Ideally this would include exact embossing and the pattern of that embossing (front, sides, back; horizontal or vertical), shape or form details, color or colors, tooled or applied lip, smooth or pontiled base, city of manufacturing (if not in the embossing and you know or suspect where it came from), and especially any historical information you may have or know of.  Digital pictures of the bottles would be most appreciated! However, just the details is enough. When I produce a tonic book (or possibly a tonic bottle website; either of which are still several years away although I am now retired), you will be given credit for any new tonics you have discovered and let me know about.

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NOTE: I do not own an example of every bottle listed here and this is not a "for sale" list.  The point of this webpage is to put together a comprehensive list of medicinal tonic bottles for inclusion in a future book or web-book.

Notes:  In the following list, the names in bold are confirmed embossing.  Those in regular case are reported tonic bottles without the embossing pattern confirmed as yet.  If you can confirm what the actual embossing is on any of these latter bottles, I would appreciate the information.  I have used the relatively standard bottle listing convention for the embossing below, i.e. the slash (/) mark is a break in the embossing lines on the same side of the bottle and a dash (-) is the break between embossing found on different sides of the bottle.

For simplicity, I have not given credit attribution to anyone on this simple e-list – though many of the listings have come from you kind people out in there in the bottle e-world.  Rest assured that I keep separate records of who sends what information to me and those details will be added in the future book.  All of the listing below have also been pared down to the bare minimum description that will allow a viewer to usually know if they have something that is different or not. 

Thanks to all who have contributed to this list already!! 

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