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The following listing of books is what I am currently offering for sale.  The Western Americana book listings will be greatly expanded in the near future, i.e., after I retire from my "real" job at the end of 2007, so stay tuned...

All prices include shipping - insurance extra if desired - but I pack well. And as with all my sales on eBay, I offer a 7 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee on everything I sell! It's the only way to do "e-business". I try to take well representative pictures, but it is an imperfect world....click on the highlighted link to see a decent picture of the actual for sale item. If you would like additional pictures, or information, please e-mail me.  

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To help properly describe the books listed here and on eBay, I use portions of a "borrowed" book description glossary from off the web. It is found after the following books-for-sale listings. The glossary is fairly lengthy, but detailed - and alphabetical. I do not use all the terms listed in the glossary, but it is still a useful reference. In all my descriptions, I try to describe all condition flaws or "problems" to the best of my ability. I want the potential buyer to have a good picture in their minds of what the book looks like - in addition to the picture(s) that I post in my listings. When in doubt e-mail me with your questions at the link above.

*Listed prices include shipping at the media mail rate in the U. S.; insurance is extra.
Please read the Information for Buyers section on the main "Bottles For Sale" page for complete buyer information.




FROZEN GRASS - by Kenneth D. Scott, The Pan Press, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 1964.  On reverse of title page, it says: "Copyright 1964 by Kenneth D. Scott, All Rights Reserved, Manufactured in the United States of America." Hardbound light green cloth cover with an unclipped pale green dust jacket, 5 1/2" by 8 1/4", 220 pages.

Here is a very rare & desireable book dealing with one of the last Indian "outbreaks" in the West: the Shoshone Mike bands' uprising in 1911 which took place in extreme northeast California and northwest Nevada. Kenneth Scott's account - the first of at least 3 dealing with Shoshone Mike - is an historical novel where the facts are true but has some reconstructed verbiage and scenes.

A nicely done book that is likely the second, rare printing done privately through a "vanity press" and sold by him when he was living at the Pioneer Hotel in Elko, Nevada in the mid-1960s.  This book is similar to the 1960 example (noted below and sold long ago) including the assortment of period B&W images connected with the event - including the 4 dead sheep herders.  The differences with this offering is the different dust jacket photo, green cloth hard cover instead of gray, and being printed in Oklahoma and not Carlton Press (New York).  It is also essentially identical to yet another, apparently very short run printing (third/last printing?) which differs in not noting "The Pan Press" on the title page like this example (but does on the rear dust jacket!) even though the book and dust jacket are absolutely identical otherwise and almost certainly also printed in OK.  (As a side note, Scott also published another "Western" history book in 1964 through the same Oklahoma press called "He Fenced 'Em In" - which I believe is about ranching in NE Nevada.)  Click title page to see such.

The actual book condition is about fine+ with no significant issues - the pages are unmarked, supple and the book quite tight and sound.  The dust jacket is probably very good or a bit better with some very mild lightening to the spine, some minor light soiling, and a couple (1/3" & 1") closed tears to the upper front cover edge.  (It in a protective plastic cover now.)  Overall a very nice copy of a very rare and desirable regional book. Over the years, I've received by far more requests for additional copies of this book than all other books combined that I've sold.  Here is another example for your consideration.   $250 postpaid.*


SOUTH SLOUGH ADVENTURES - Life on a Southern Oregon Estuary - Published by the Friends of South Slough, South Coast Printing, Inc., Coos Bay, OR., Melody Caldera (editor...and writer of many of the chapters), 1995, stated "First Printing," 276 pages, about 6" by 8.75" with a glossy paperback cover.  I believe this was the first and only printing as the books are hard to find on the internet with the cheapest I could find on Amazon starting at $95; none on ABE.  Back cover notes that the book originally sold for $20 in paperback and I believe a paperback was the only way it was printed, i.e., no hardbacks.  I (gently) read this book recently (while in the South Slough area doing coastal recreation) and it is a fascinating series of chapters that explain the history of the area from pre-history to the publishing date.  I found it a great read giving an excellent sense of "place."  Incidentally, South Slough is the southern extension of Coos Bay which is bounded on the north by Charleston & Barview, OR. and currently known now for its production of clams and oysters; it's past is even more fascinating as the book outlines.  Condition is fine with just the lightest of wear on the covers and no other issues as it is tight and sound with no spine creases, writing inside, noticeable soiling, nor other problems.  Recommended for the Oregon history buff...heck it is worth getting just for the exceptional cover photo of two barefoot Coos Indian girls in traditional garb from around 1900 or before.
$40 postpaid.*

LEGEND INTO HISTORY: Facts and Fiction of the Lookout Lynching - by James O. Souther, Vantage Press, New York.  On the reverse of the title page is "FIRST EDITION...Copyright 1968 by James Otto Souther..." Hardbound red cloth cover with price clipped dust jacket, 79 pages, 8" by 5.25" dimensions.  This is a well researched (lots of footnote references) and well written story of the lynching of 5 people in 1901 at Lookout (just west of Adin, if that helps) in northeastern California.  These five individuals were deemed "undesirable" (suspected of various crimes around the area) and were hung off a bridge on the edge of town.  No one was ever convicted for the lynching as was very common in the West in the early days when the law generally far away and the local citizenry took it upon themselves to solve their "problems."  Book and dust jacket are both in very good condition with just light wear, a couple very short closed tears, and very minor soiling to the jacket, a little bumping to the corners of the book, and a neatly printed name in ink on the front loose endpaper of the book itself.  $20 postpaid.*

THE GREAT RANGE WARS - Violence on the Grasslands by Harry Sinclair Drago, Illustrated with photographs, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York all on the title page. On reverse of title page, it says in part: "...Copyright 1970 by Harry Sinclair Drago...". Hardbound cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (original price $7.50), 6 1/4" by 9 1/4", 307 pages. As stated on the dust jacket "The Great Range Wars presents an informed and highly readable account of one of the most violent periods of the American West. Here are the true tales of battles, massacres and murders and of the men on both sides of the law who took part in them." Includes chapters on Comanche wars, the "fence-cutting war" in the Texas Panhandle, the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, sheepmen-cattle wars in Arizona, and the famous Johnson County War in Wyoming. By the author of many well done books on the American West. Includes a section of pictures of the people and places covered by the book. Condition is overall very good to fine: some minor soiling to page edges; dust jacket has some soiling, edge & corner wear, and a couple edge chips. No writing inside book. Overall very presentable and tight and in a protective mylar jacket.  $20 postpaid*

HORSEBACK HONEYMOON - The Vanishing Old West of 1907 Through the Eyes of Two Young Artists in Love, Dorothy Ballard, With drawings and photographs by Ella and Quincy Scott, Two Continents Publishing Group, Ltd and Morgan Press all on the title page. On reverse of title page, it says in part: "...Copyright 1975 by Morgan Press..."; an apparent first edition. Inscribed copy - "To Frank Drew with appreciation - Dorothy Ballard, Oct. 28, 1975". Hardbound brown cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (original price - $8.95), 5 3/4" by 8 1/4", 246 pages, map and photo endpapers. Fascinating book with many b&w pictures about the 2000 mile honeymoon ride of the Scotts in 1907. As stated on the dj - "Told with humor, sensitivity and delight in the land, its people, and one another, HORSEBACK HONEYMOON, is an adventure story on more than one level: it captures the West that was "shrinking under the assault of the twentieth century as a body of water shrinks under the sun"; it is a chronicle of dramatic dangers, comic mishaps, and frequent elation; it is a deeper adventure of two perceptive and courageous young people discovering one another for a lifetime." Written by the couples daughter Dorothy in her later years, the narrative is based on the couples original manuscript, on letters written to friends during the trek, and the authors recollections of family stories. Great and unique early 20th century setting for Western non-fiction. Condition of the book is overall fine+ - minimal shelf wear and scuffing to book and dust jacket - no marks inside (besides inscription and authors signature). A very presentable and tight book. $15 postpaid*

SUTTER OF CALIFORNIA - A Biography, by Julian Dana, Halcyon House, New York. On reverse of title page, it says in part: "...Copyright 1934, by Julian Dana...Fourth Printing" - a 1939 printing. The colorful dust jacket also adds the following - The Stirring, Dramatic Story of a Great Pioneer and the Turbulent Era in Which He Lived, 1839-1939 Sutter Centennial Edition. Hardbound red cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (un-priced), 6" by 9", 423 pages, map endpapers. Fascinating book about one of the most important and famous figures in the American West - John Sutter - at whose famous mill in 1848, gold was first officially discovered in California. (Yes, that is debatable.) Great Western non-fiction work which has some illustrations and photos. Condition of the book is overall very good - minimal shelf wear and scuffing to book and dust jacket, a few dj chips and small closed tears, some minor soiling and a few small black felt pen (?) dots on the edges of the pages on top and side (not very obtrusive) - no writing inside book. A very presentable and tight book in a protective mylar cover.   $20 postpaid*

A FAR TRUMPET - A Double D Western by Fred Grove, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York 1985. On reverse of title page it states "Copyright 1985 by Fred Grove...First Edition...". Here is a nice, relatively recent western Signed by the author! CLICK HERE for picture of signature which states "To Ed - cordially - Fred Grove, Silver City, NM. December 13, 1985". Hardbound brown cover with price clipped dust jacket, 183 pages, 5 3/4" by 8 1/2". To quote the dust jacket, "Set during the Apache wars of the 1870's and telling of one man's struggle for renewal in the face of personal turmoil, A Far Trumpet is a compelling Western Adventure...". A very good fictional account (I read it) that captures much of the flavor of the Southwest during those turbulent times - cavalry, Apache wars, frontiers towns and Army posts,.... Fred Grove is a four time Western Writers of America Golden Spur Award recipient, whose other novels include The Great Horse Race and Comanche Captives. Condition is very fine - like new with very little evidence of wear and very tight. I've put the dust jacket in protective mylar sleeve.
$15 postpaid*

*Listed prices include shipping at the media mail rate in the U. S.; insurance is extra.
Please read the Information for Buyers section on the main "Bottles For Sale" page for complete buyer information.




"TASMANIAN FRIENDS & FOES - FEATHERED, FURRED, AND FINNED - A Family Chronicle of Country Life, Natural History, and Veritable Adventure"  by Louisa A. Meredith.  Here is a great book which is filled with highly colorful lithographs (10 or 12 of them) and many black & white engravings of the animals (and some plants) of Tasmania.  Published in 1881, this is the second - and last - edition of the book; both editions of which are quite rare.  According to the title page, the book was published in London by Marcus Ward & Co. 67 & 68 Chandos Street and Royal Ulster Works, Belfast 1881.  The book is an accounting of the observations and experiences of the author over 39 years in Tasmania.  The black & white illustrations are the authors and the colour plates made from the authors illustrations.  Specifically, it states on the title page that the book has "...Coloured Plates, from Drawings by the Author and other illustrations..."  Gilt edgesleaf pages, 260 pages, hardbound green cloth cover with black and gold/gilt printing.

A check of the internet (ABE) found 11 copies for sale - most all from foreign sellers - ranging from $200 to over $700.  I can see why this book demands such prices as it is beautifully done and over 125 years old.  Click spine view to see such; click illustration of Tasmanian fish to see that plate; click illustration of a plant and butterflies to see that fine illustration.  Condition of this book is very good - tight and with no binding splits - with just the following minor flaws: some minor wear to the sides, upper, lower end of the spine; the gilt lettering on the spine has largely faded, though it is still quite readable; a few light scratches to the cover boards; some minor foxing to the pages of the index in the back; an off-white creamy color to the still supple pages; a very small (7/8" diameter) impressed book ownership stamp on the front loose endpaper; and minor curling to the sharp ends of the cover boards.  Offered at a great price.   SOLD!


*Listed prices include shipping at the media mail rate in the U. S.; insurance is extra.
Please read the Information for Buyers section on the main "Bottles For Sale" page for complete buyer information.



Bottle Books

Like with all collectibles and antiques, good advice is always to "Buy the book before the bottle."  Knowledge is power and even safety (or your money) when dealing with any collectible - bottles even more so than many other fields of collecting. 

The bottle books listed for sale here are selected for their utility in the fascinating field of identifying and dating American made bottles generally made by hand, i.e. "mouth-blown" to use Grace Kendrick's term.  Virtually all of these books are out of print and hard to obtain, but are still of high utility because of the historical information that they contain.  There are no old purely price guides here - those types of books become quickly out of date and then are simply useless lists of bottles with no real utility.  Bottle books with historical information about the makers of bottles, the processes involved in producing bottles, and the companies and individuals that utilized the bottles never loose their value, though the information may be later refined or added to by others.  In the end, isn't it the history behind the bottles that intrigues we collectors (and archaeologists)?

Bottle books are found on the page linked below which is part of my "Bottles For Sale" complex of pages: 



THE BEEF BONANZA OR HOW TO GET RICH ON THE PLAINS - Being a Brief Description of Cattle-Growing, Sheep-Farming, Horse-Raising and Dairying in the West, by Gen. James S. Brisbin, U. S. A....Philadelphia, J. B. Lippencott & Co., London: 16 Southhampton St., Covent Garden. 1881.  On the reverse side of this period typical "busy" title page (click on the link to the above right to see the title page) is: "Copyright, 1880, by J. B. Lippencott & Co."  This is the original version (not a reprint) of what is considered the first Western/Great Plains "rangeland management" book.  It is also the book responsible for promoting ranching in the West of the 100th Meridian which resulted in the input of much eastern and foreign capital into Western ranching during the 1880s.  (This subject is covered in James Michener's great work CENTENNIAL.)   This investment continued until the famously horrible winter of 1886-1887 when 100's of thousands of cattle died due to a combination of massive overstocking of the rangelands and a "once in a hundred year" winter.  (Click the following link for an overview on Wikipedia of this piece of history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_of_1886-1887

The book is full of engraved illustrations (one shown to right; click to enlarge), is 7 1/4" by 5 1/4", 222 pages (plus some ads for other books in the back), no dust jacket (as issued, of course), brown cloth cover with black and gilt lettering - including the wonderful golden cow head floating at the top of the cover (see photo of the cover above).  The book is in fine condition with no real issues besides some very light wear on the lower and upper ends of the spine and back cover but with supple cream colored pages that are not brittle.  For those keeping score at home this book is:  Herd 322, Howes B780, Rader 486.  Exceptional condition copy (in a mylar protective cover) of a very hard to find book which was also reprinted in the late 1950s by the University of Oklahoma Press.   I could find only one original copy on the internet - at $650 - and it is of the 1882 printing and has a front hinge split.  (Note:  I apparently recently sold since it isn't listed anymore).  The offered book here is tight and sound without splits.  (More photos and description available upon request, though I really don't want to press the book down on the scanner much.)   SOLD!

ON THE CATTLE RANGES OF THE OREGON COUNTRY - by J. Orin Oliphant, University of Washington Press, Seattle & London. Copyright 1968, an unstated first (and only) edition. Hardbound brown cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (original price $8.95), map endpapers, 372 pages, 6 1/4" by 9 1/4". A very hard to find signed edition by Oliphant with inscription on first page - see picture CLICK HERE. A very scarce, low printing, book which is far and away the best account on the subject - the growth of the cattle industry in the 19th century in the Old Oregon Country (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana). Oliphant spend virtually his entire adult life researching this the subject of this book (he was also a University history professor). Condition of book is fine - only a small off-color spot (1" by 1/2") on inside of dust jacket and two much smaller spots on front endpaper edge, tiny bit of soiling on bottom page tips (from shelf). Otherwise book is almost like new and in a protective plastic cover.  SOLD!

TERRIBLE TRAIL: THE MEEK CUTOFF 1845 - by Keith Clark and Lowell Tiller, The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho 1966. Copyright 1966, an unstated first edition. Hardbound brown cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (original price $4.00), map endpapers, 244 pages, 6" by 8 1/2". A hard to find book which is far and away the best account on this subject - the &quot...tragic history of the Meek Cutoff in Oregon...&quot. This 1845 wagon trail became famous because members of the group found gold nuggets which eventually became known as the Lost Blue Bucket Mine. A well documented lost gold strike, that was never found again. THE best source on the subject still. Condition is very good - book has some light yellowing of page ends and a notary (owners?) stamp on the front endpaper (no ink, just a notary impression) - no writing inside book. Dust jacket has some ample wear and scuffing, chipping at top of the spine and the corners; a 1" by 3/4" piece missing from the back upper cover corner. Overall a very tight book with a decent dust jacket and in a protective plastic cover.  SOLD!

FROZEN GRASS - by Kenneth D. Scott, A Milestone Book, Carlton Press, New York 1960 all on the title page. On reverse of title page, it says in part: "...Copyright 1960 by Kenneth D. Scott...". Hardbound gray cloth cover with unclipped dust jacket (original price $3.00), 5 1/2" by 8 1/4", 220 pages. Here is a very rare book - signed by the author (Signature Picture - CLICK HERE) - dealing with one of the last Indian "outbreaks" in the West: the Shoshone Mike bands' uprising in 1911; an event that took place in extreme northeast California and northwest Nevada. This account - the first of at least 3 dealing with Shoshone Mike - is an historical novel where the facts are true but has some reconstructed verbiage and scenes. A nicely done book that is the true first edition - I believe there was a 1964 reprint of the story. Condition is overall very good+: Signed by the author on the front loose endpaper ("Sincerely yours Kenneth Scott"), some very minor soiling to page edges, book falls open to title page but is not split, no other writing inside though there is a couple small (1 3/8" by 1/4") black ink stamp marks (inside front cover and bottom of at least one page) that say "Denio Mercantile Denio, Nevada" - apparently the book was sold by this now out of business store that is in the area of the story. With the authors signature, this really adds to the collectibility of this already rare book! Dust jacket has had more wear: has some overall light staining and soiling, overall edge & corner wear, and several pieces missing (a 1"+ by 1/2" on lower spine corner, a roughly "v" shaped piece that is 2+" by 1" that is on the upper right reverse and stretches across the upper spine edge, and a few smaller ones that are visible in the picture on the upper front cover and lower edge. No writing besides signature inside book. Overall a very presentable and desirable copy of a very rare regional book! In a protective mylar jacket.  SOLD!

NOTE:  I have another copy of Frozen Grass without the dust jacket and with some minor water staining to the lower front cover board, some raggedness to the lower spine, and some soiling here and there - though otherwise a nice relatively tight, sound book.  Still a very hard book to obtain in any condition.  If interested, send me an email for a full description.  SOLD!

THE CATTLE DRIVES OF DAVID SHIRK from Texas to the Idaho Mines 1871 and 1873...Edited by Martin F. Schmitt, Published by Champoeg Press MCMLVI. Title page also goes to read Reminiscences of David L. Shirk, wherein are described his two successful cattle drives from Texas, in company with George T. Miller. His later experiences as a cattleman in eastern Oregon during the terrible depredations of hostile Indians and the range warfare with Pete French from the original manuscript and related papers, now in the University of Oregon Library.. For picture of title page CLICK HERE. On reverse of title page it states "Copyright 1956 by the Champoeg Press, Reed College, Portland, Oregon. 750 copies, Designed and Printed by Lawton Kennedy"; a first edition and only edition. Hardbound brown cloth cover with engraving of wild looking bull, no dust jacket as issued, 148 pages, 7 3/4" by 9", rough cut page edges. Opposite of title page is nice engraving of cattle and cowboy scene - CLICK HERE. A scarce (750 copies only) book which provides an excellent, first hand account of one of the earliest of the Texas cattle drives and the first (?) to Idaho. The subtitles on the title page, quoted above, pretty much give a fine overview of the contents. David Shirk and his brother, were very early ranchers in SE Oregon, with the old Shirk Ranch, located south of Hart Mountain, now being an historical site managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Condition is fine+ - does have a previous owners name inscribed on the first loose endpapers in ink; otherwise no problems and only the mildest of shelf wear. Nothing beats these type well written, eye witness accounts of the early days of settlement, for helping Western history buffs relive those (tough) days (yes, I read it and have another copy for myself). Overall a very tight book with excellent Oregon and Idaho historical context.  SOLD!

AT A GLANCE - A SUSANVILLE HISTORY - by Tim I. Purdy, Lahonton Images, Susanville, CA.  On the reverse of the title page it notes - "(c) 2005 by Tim I. Purdy...First Edition..." Larger format (11" x 8.5") hardbound book with blue cloth cover and gilt stamped title & author on the cover, yellow illustrated dust jacket (unclipped but no price noted anyway), 207 pages.  Offered here is an exceptional book which is not "old" but is hard - and somewhat expensive - to find regardless.  It has thirteen chapters ranging from Chapter 1 - Frontier Outpost to Chapter XIII - Roster of City Officials.  This is a copiously illustrated book with great b&w images and a well written history of the interesting northeastern California town of Susanville.  Condition is exceptional - essentially new and appears to have never been read.  (Note: Tim Purdy is also the author of another great book on Eagle Lake - also in northern California north of Susanville and a great trout fishing natural lake with an interested history; a copy is offered below.)  SOLD!

WESTERN SISKIYOU COUNTY: GOLD AND DREAMS - The Making of America Series - by Gail L. Fiorini-Jenner and Monica Jae Hall, Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC.  On the reverse of the title page is reads in part - "Copyright 2002 by (the authors)..."  Softbound color cover, 160 pages, 9.75" by 6.75", original price $24.99.  This highly illustrated book is of the history of western Siskiyou County in extreme northern California and apparently part of a very well done - given the very professional layout of this book - series by Arcadia Publishing on American history.  (Click on the back cover image to the left for a full overview of the book.) Exceptional black and white images and illustrations along with excellent research and writing make this an great addition to any far Western history library.  Condition of the book is very fine to essentially new, tight and sound with almost no signs of wear...just a bit of rubbing on some cover edges.  This book is still in print and available from Amazon at the noted price above; this one will save you some money as it is as good as new...and like all the books I sell, postpaid at the media mail rate.  SOLD!

TERMO TO MADELINE - Northern California's Las Frontier - by Donald T. Garate, Dynamic Graphics, Susanville, CA.  On the reverse of the title page it reads in part - "...Copyright December 1982 by Don Garate...Ravendale, CA..."  Softbound cover, 438 pages, 9" by 6".  Here is another hard to find - and relatively lengthy - book that is long out of print and probably the first and only printing.  It covers the history of the (to quote the back cover) - "..the west side of the Madeline Plains in northern Lassen County, covering a period from 1868 to 1935..." (Click on the back cover view to the right to read more about this book and the author who is of Basque ancestry like many ranchers and residents of that region.)  The book contains a lot of nicely rendered period photographs and illustrations enhancing the well written text; also includes end maps of the area covered.  It is Garate's second work which complements the book listed next.  Condition of the book is very fine to like new...no issues at all and looks to have never been read.  All examples I could find on the internet were more expensive than this excellent condition example...and I pay the postage!  SOLD!

RED ROCK TO RAVENDALE - Memories of a Northern California Community - by Donald T. Garate, Western Printing & Publishing Co., Sparks, NV.  On the reverse of the title page it states in part - "...Copyright June 1975 by Don Garate, Ravendale, CA..."  Softbound cover, 288 pages, same dimensions as Garate's book above.  This is Garate's first work and much more expensive to acquire (and to find) than the book above.  This example is also signed by Garate on the title page!  Prices for this book on the internet - what few could be found and all softbound - range from $175 to $250...it is long out of print, of course.  This book, to quote the back cover, is "...the history of the eastern half of the Madeline Plains in northern Lassen County from 1868 to 1935..."  (Click on the image to the left of the back of the book for more information.)  As with his book above, this one has a lot of photos and illustrations and includes end maps of the area covered.  Condition of the book is at least very good to maybe fine with only the lightest of soiling to the cover, has a small, neatly stamped name & address of a past owner here in Klamath Falls on the front loose end paper (no writing inside besides the authors signature of course), a bit of bumping on the spine edge, and maybe a bit of fading to the writing on the spine (can't say for sure)...but is otherwise tight and sound with no creases due to being opened too far.  If this book was read (I think so) it was read very lightly and carefully.   SOLD!

PURDY'S EAGLE LAKE - by Tim I. Purdy, Lahonton Images, Susanville, CA.  The reverse side of the title page notes "... 1988 by Tim I. Purdy...Second Edition..."  Softbound color cover (image of the lake), 136 pages, 9" by 6" size.  The book covers the history of this high country lake famous for the Eagle strain of rainbow trout.  Chapters include "Natural History," "Reclamation," "Settlement/Development," and "Place Names."  This one, like his Susanville book above, is well written and includes a lot of great B&W images.  Condition of this book is tight and sound - fine condition more or less - with some minor wear to the edge of the spine and little else wrong (no splits to the spine, writing inside besides the signature, etc.).  SOLD!  

CONNECTING THE WEST - HISTORIC RAILROAD STOPS AND STAGE STATIONS IN ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA - by Shawn Hall, University of Nevada Press, Reno & Las Vegas, NV.  Copyright 2002, stated first condition.  Softbound with photographic cover, 217 pages, larger format 10" x 8".  This is a great book about the subject implied by the title.  Packed full of recent and historic photos of the rail & stage stops in Elko County.  To quote the back cover - "Hall includes a history of each site he lists, along with period and contemporary photographs, directions for locating the sites, and an assessment of their present condition.  His historical accounts, based on a wide range of primary and secondary sources, are both scholarly and engaging, rich in anecdotes and personalities, and in the fascinating minutia of history often overlooked by more academic writers."  Says it all.  Condition is near perfect with no problems, soiling, or anything wrong...basically new. SOLD!


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Typical Term Usage: "F/VG" ( "fine" book/"very good" jacket).

Very Fine (VF) - As new with no defects, crisp, tight binding, no flaws even under close examination.
Fine - Just a bit better than Near Fine in that what few flaws there are, can only be found with close scrutiny. In short, a once read and well stored book.
Near Fine (NF) - No defects, little usage, and markings are minimal. A minor flaw may be present.
Very Good (VG) - It shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh. Attractive, but not unusually so. Does not lie flat when open.
Good (G) - The average used book with all pages present. Books with loose bindings, highlighting, cocked spine, torn dust jacket, can fall into this category.
Fair (FR) - Obviously well-worn and handled but no text pages are missing, however, it may be without endpapers or a title page. There might be markings, but they do not interfere with readability.
Poor (P) - All text is legible but may be soiled and have binding defects. Reading copies fall into this category.


- A classification of books and other objects having to do with American culture, history, or folklore. Considered different from a book written by an American writer, though an American writer can write an Americana book. Western Americana denotes the above, but west of the 100th Meridian.
as issued - The book is in the original physical state that it was published in and has all its original components including its binding, text block. illustrations, etc.
as new - Refers to the condition of a book; it is immaculate and without flaws. Same as Very Fine condition.

backstrip - The covering of the book spine that has the title and author of the book printed on it. It is usually made of cloth, leather, or paper, and is sometimes decorated.
binding - The process that secures the pages or sections of a publication to keep them in order and to protect them. Binding may be stapled or sewn, sewn and enclosed in wrappers or by gluing the pages to the outer cover, but most often refers to a hardcover binding.
blind stamp - A colorless impression that is embossed on paper or on a cloth or leather binding. When it is found on a page, it typically signifies the owner's name or the words "Review Copy." When it is found on the binding, it is typically for decorative purposes. Also known as blind.
boards (bds) - The front and back covers of a hardbound book. The term originates from when book covers were made from wood, but they are now typically made a stiff cardboard or paperboard.
book club edition (bce) - A book that was printed specially for a book club (e.g. "Book of the Month Club") which often (but not always) utilizes a lesser quality paper and binding materials. These editions are usually available by book club subscription only and are generally of much less interest to collectors due to their low monetary value. They make a better reading copy, however, than a typical, smaller, paperback.
bookplate - A simple or elaborately designed label used to indicate ownership, which is usually found pasted to the inside of the front cover of a book. Bookplates were used as early as 1516, but did not become popular in England, France, and Germany until the 18th century. In America, they were not used before 1800 but have been fairly common since about 1840.
broadside - A sheet of paper, usually of a larger size, that is printed on one side only. Examples include songs, poems, announcements of sales, and political declarations.
bumped - Refers to the condition of a book; it refers to worn, bent, or rounded corners of the boards of a book.

chipped - Refers to the condition of a book; a mark or flaw caused by scuffing, gouging, or breaking off of a small piece of the dust jacket (most typical usage), pages, or backstrip.
chromolithography - A printing process that is done by printing in colors from a series of lithographic stones or plates. Noted for its fresh, bright colors, this process was popular during mid and late 19th century bookmaking.
cocked - Refers to the condition of a book; the spine is no longer straight and appears crooked or twisted. Also known as spine lean.
contemporary - A term used to describe a work that was published within the last decade or to indicate that all of the components of the book (the binding, the coloring of plates, inscriptions, and side notes) were created at the same time the book was printed.

dedication copy - A copy of a book specifically inscribed by the author to a particular person.
dust jacket (dj) - A removable paper wrapper that encloses a book to protect it from dirt. Dust jackets date from the early 19th century, but they came into more common use in the early 20th century as a means to advertise the book to potential buyers. Also known as dust wrapper or book jacket and is often worth as much or more than the book itself!

edition - All copies of a book that are printed from the same plates or one setting of type. An edition can have more than one printing. For example, if 300 copies of a book are printed on September 15, and 200 copies are printed from the same plates on November 24, all 500 copies are part of the same edition.
edges - The top, bottom, and un-hinged outer sides of a book.
endpapers - The plain white, colored, decorated, or printed paper that is at the front and end of a book, one half of which is pasted down to the binding. The endpapers are used to give a finished look to the binding.
engraving - An illustration or decoration printed from a metal plate or hardwood block.
ephemera - Objects which, in general, are fragile and not made to last for a long time. Examples include, but are not limited to, magazines, journals, paper toys, and publisher promotional items.
errata - A list of errors and misprints in the text of a book. The list might be printed on a bound page in the book or on a separate piece of paper that is pasted or laid in the book.
ex-library - Identifies a book that was once the property of an institutional or corporate library. Usually there are noticeable marks and stamps on the binding and/or in the text. It may also have library card pockets, and it often shows considerable wear and/or rebinding. For collectors, it is worth considerably less monetarily than a book that has not been owned and marked-up by an institutional library.

fading - Refers to the condition of a book; describes the loss of color on the pages, dust jacket, or the cover of the book, which is usually caused by time or exposure to sunlight.
first edition - The first appearance of a work in book form. Every printed book has a first edition but many never have later editions ("only good books have more editions"). When book collectors use the term, they're usually referring to the first printing and if there are different states or issues, the earliest of those.
first edition thus - An edition of a work that postdates the first edition and contains some modification to the work. The modification might be a new introduction, added illustrations, new supplement, new format, and/or a revision of the text. It can also refer to a first edition of the work by another publisher - not uncommon with "good" books.
flex-cover - A supple and tractable book cover. Flex covers are often used in conjunction with spiral bindings.
flyleaf - The blank page or pages following the front free-endpaper.
fore-edge - The outside edge of the book where the book opens (opposite of the spine). Also known as front-edge. See book anatomy section for illustration.
foxing - Refers to the condition of a book; intrinsic to paper, the patchy brownish-yellow spots that discolor plates and pages of a book. It is most likely caused by lack of ventilation and/or chemical reactions between the paper and microorganisms. The spots are generally found in 19th century books and can range from barely visible to ruinous. Also known as foxed.
frayed - Refers to the condition of a book; the unraveling of the threads or fibers of an edge of a book cover that is caused by excessive rubbing.
front free-endpaper - The free or loose half of the pasted-down double leaf that is found at the very beginning of a book. The other half of the leaf, the pasted down portion, is attached to the board.
frontispiece - An illustration placed before the first pages of a book that usually faces the title page.

gilt edgesleaf - The edges of the pages of a book after they have been cut smooth and colored, usually with gold paint.
gougeleaf - Refers to the condition of a book; an unintentional nick or hole in the cover of a book, or on its spine. Or in bookbinding, a single-line finishing tool that is used to create either blind or gold decoration on the covers but not on the spine of a book.

half-title leaf - The extra page, in front of the title page, that bears the abbreviated title of the book. In the days when books were sold as unbound leaves, the half-title served as a "cover" for the protection of the true title page. Also known as fly title or bastard title.
hardcover - A book with stiff boards that is bound and covered in either cloth, paper, or leather. Also called hardbound.
highlighting - The bright pen markings where the previous owner marked the book to highlight words, sentences, and/or passages of text.
hinge - An inside or outside joint of the binding of a book, where the spine meets the covers. It is usually made of cloth and provides additional strength at the flex point. See book anatomy section for illustration.

illustration - Refers to any picture, diagram, portrait, or non-text item in a work, which is used to clarify the text or for decoration.
inscribed copy - A book in which a written inscription has been made by the author, to a specified person.
inscription by previous owner - A written name, note, phrase, or comment made in a book. Unless indicated otherwise, the inscription is not written by the author.

label - A square or rectangular piece of paper or leather attached to the spine of a book, containing printed information about the book, such as author, title, and volume number. Also known as backstrip label.
laid in - Pages or other paper present in the book that are not glued or sewn in.
large print edition - Designed for people with poor eyesight, the words are printed in a larger size than in the regular edition.
leaf - A single sheet of paper in a book. A page is one side of a leaf.
leather bound - A book that is bound and covered in leather.
leatherette - An imitation of grained leather, produced from a strong, machine-glazed base paper. Many small prayer books, for example, are leatherette.
library binding - A book with a stronger binding than the customary edition binding, and intended for use in a library.
loose - Refers to the condition of a book; the text block is coming loose from the binding at the hinges.
loose-leaf - The binding of individual sheets of paper in an exchangeable form, for pages to be added, removed, or relocated in the book. Loose-leaf bindings are used wherever records of repeatedly changing information must be kept. Instruction manuals, catalogs, and accounting forms are often loose-leaf bound. Also known as ring-bound.

marbled paper - Colored paper with a veined, mottled, or swirling pattern, in imitation of marble, which is used with paper-covered boards and as end papers in books. The use of marbled papers was especially popular during the Victorian era.

octavo - Refers to the size of the book; the most common book size since the early 17th century, an octavo book averages about 6 x 9 inches. The term originally to referred to the number of folds (8) in a standard book-printing sheet, but it now commonly refers to size.
out of print - A publication that is no longer available through the publisher.

pamphlet - A small work that is less than book-length, has paper wraps, and typically has a staple binding. Also known as brochure.
paperback - A book with a paper cover. Sir Allen Lane, founder of Penguin books, was credited with inventing the modern paperback when he published Ariel by Andre Maurois with a paper cover in 1936. Also known as wrappers.
paper boards - A binding made of stiff cardboard that is covered in paper.
paper wraps - Paper covers of a book. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with paperback.
pastedown - The half of the endpaper that is pasted to the inside cover of a book.
perfect bound - A binding method that utilizes a plastic glue to bind the loose leaves to the solid text block of a book. It is used for paperback books.
pictorial cloth - A cloth book with a multi-colored picture printed on the cover.
pictorial paper cover - An Illustration printed on a paperback cover. This decorative practice began in the early 1850s, with the publication of Letters Left at the Pastry-Cook's by J. S. Mayhew, and was the precursor of the next trend in publishing--yellowbacks. The sensational pictorial paper cover novels of the later 19th and 20th centuries are famous for their lurid, colorful covers. Also known as illustrated wraps.
plate - A full-page book illustration that is separate from the text pages. Technically, illustrations that are printed on text pages are called cuts. However, the term "plate" is often used to describe both types of book illustrations.
printing - The total number of copies of a book, or another type of publication, printed at one time. For example, an edition of a book can have a first printing of 5,000 copies and a second printing of 2,000. See also edition.
price clipped - The inside front corner of dust jacket has the price cut off. Usually decreases value a bit, but not dramatically (like no dust jacket).
privately printed - A work printed at the expense of the author or some other private individual or group (i.e. "vanity press").
provenance - The history of the previous owners of a book. Bookplates, notes and other writings in the book, and inserted matter, may determine provenance. Also known as provenience.

rare - Traditionally, a publication is "rare" if an active collector or bookseller expects to see it in the marketplace only once in a great while.
reading copy - Refers to the condition of the book; the text is readable and complete, but the binding is in poor condition.
rebound - The original binding of the book has been removed and a new binding has been attached and re-sewn.
reinforced dust jacket - A dust jacket that has been strengthened with tape by the previous owner.
reprint - A new impression from the same type setting, or a new edition of the work.
review copy - A copy of a book sent out for review by the publisher to the press, booksellers, and others in order to attract attention to the publication. Frequently review copies will have slips of paper inserted into the book, or have it written on the cover, announcing it as a review copy.

rubbed - Refers to condition; the spine or cover has visible scuff marks and may be worn in places.
scarce - Traditionally, a "scarce" publication isn't as hard to find as a rare publication, but might take a few years to locate.
scuffed - Refers to condition; the binding or cover has been scraped and might look rough or slightly frayed in places.
shaken - Refers to condition; a cloth or leather bound book that is loose in its covers but is still attached to its binding.
shelf worn - Refers to condition; the book shows visible signs of wearing on the binding and/or edges due to numerous removals and placements on countless shelves.
signature - A group of folded pages that, when bound and trimmed with other signatures, form a book or pamphlet. Also known as gathering. Also refers to a person's self-handwritten name (autograph signature).
slipcase - A box open on one side so that when a book is slipped into it, the spine shows.
soft cover - Typically is synonymous with paperback, but it can also describe a book with a limp cover or a flex-cover.
spine - The part of the book opposite of the opening, which is visible when the book is shelved. Also known as back, backstrip, and shelfback.
spiral bound - An inexpensive type of binding utilizing wire or plastic coils as the spine. It is an increasingly popular way for small publishers to publish a work or for an author to quickly self-publish. Known also as comb or coil bound.
sprung - Refers to condition; the text block is separate from its binding.
subtitle - A secondary and explanatory title used to explain more about the book.

text block - The signatures of a book, sewn and trimmed, but without covers, endpapers, or a binding. Also known as book block.
tissue - A thin sheet of paper inserted into a book to protect plates from damage and to prevent offsetting onto facing pages.
title page - The page of a book, which contains the name of the author(s), the title, and usually the publisher's name and the date and place of publication
trade edition - The regular edition of a book, not a limited edition or book club edition.
trade paperback - A soft cover edition of a book that generally has a high-quality binding and is in a larger size format than a traditional paperback. Also known as quality paperback.

underlining - The lines drawn in a book (pen or pencil) where the previous owner marked words, sentences, and/or passages of text.
unopened - The folded edges of the signatures have not been cut open for reading. The book has been left in the beginning stages of its binding process or it was issued in this manner.

volume - A book or periodical that is part of a series or a set. The volume notation can be a number, letter, or a similar form.

warped - Refers to condition; the boards or paperback covers are bent and twisted.
water-stained - Refers to condition; discoloration, stains, and possible shrinkage on the pages, binding, and text-block, from water.

- Usually refers to the yellow fore-edges and pages of paperbacks, which is caused either by fading, age and/or acid in the paper.


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